Matt is professional writer/director, 

cinematographer and editor. He is known 

for poetic commercials, adventure 

travel & humanitarian documentaries. 

With various awards across the production process he has a thorough practical knowledge to successfully realise ambitious ideas. He is also the founder of Seeing Shapes films.



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From a visual arts background and a fine art masters in film, video & photography, Matt has rich and varied expertise in storytelling and visual communication. This along with a lifelong fascination with the limits of language and the nature of perception informs his poetic visual style.

Matt's filmmaking career spans cinematography, editing, producing and primarily, directing. He has travelled extensively around the world working on award winning adventure travel, wildlife and humanitarian documentary film projects.

As a die hard traveller and action sports enthusiast Matt is always

drawing on his passions to build new ways of achieving higher 

production values in challenging or extreme environments.

"Filmmaking for me is about unabated curiosity, a love of the unknown, authenticity and human connection.

I love collaborating with new people to unearth compelling stories in original ways".

Writer / Director

In this TVC for London Met University, Matt penned an original poem to lead the intertwining tales of three less commonplace characters in their pursuit of further education. Tonally striking with a resonant message, it celebrates everyone's right to do something they love.


From Muay Thai in Bangkok's backstreets, hiking across open rooftops above Stockholm and Arctic adventures in northernmost Canada, through to drumming at the Gathering of Nations festival in New Mexico and bareback horse racing in the mountains of Georgia. With amazing people, cultures, locations and crew this series for NatGeo was a perfect storm for extreme filmmaking.


In this TVC and VOD series for the new Isuzu

D-Max, Matt co-produced and unit directed the 30 crew location shoot. Following complex off-road driving challenges the shoot required multiple units including drone, russian arm, atv and multiple track ops.


In this online commercial for AR robotics 

company Mekamon, Matt worked with 

production company Fight Gravity films to 

creative produce and production manage 

this imaginative CGI led short.

Creative Producer
Behind the scenes